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The Hugg®
Co-sleeping Crib

The Hugg® Organic, Sustainable, Co-sleeping Crib allows for safe sleeping, giving baby their own crib space, while snuggled up next to the parent’s bed.


Delivering all the wonderful benefits of close physical contact needed for Safer Co-sleeping, Physiological regulation, frequent feeding and sleep arousal that babies need for the first six months as recommended by research from UNICEF/The Lullaby Trust UK.

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The Hugg Co-Sleeping Crib offers a better night’s sleep for baby and parents delivering peace of mind having baby close, eliminating the need to bedshare.

Design Philosohpy

Bababou’s design philosophy is simple and clean with functionality and sustainability at the heart. We only use natural and organic materials offering a pure sleep for babies.

Re-Purpose & Re-use

Bababou’s products are designed to last longer; the Hugg Crib is designed to be repurposed into a stylish table and bench lasting for years beyond the nursery

Who we are and what we do

At Bababou we have designed and developed Ireland’s first Co-sleeping Baby Crib. The Award Winning Hugg Co sleeper baby bed was launched in January of 2018.  Since the launch, the Hugg Co Sleeper has won a number of Industry Awards, most recently Platinum for the Best Cosleeping Cot / Crib/ Pod/ Bassinet Design in the Junior Design Awards, London.

Creative thinking

We strongly believe in products that are designed & made to last generations – the antithesis of the throw away culture

Sustainable Values

We care where everything is made, and where our materials come from. All the wood used in our furniture is supplied from European forests that must pass strict FSC demands for certification

Design Philosophy

Bababou’s design aesthetic is simple and clean with functionality and sustainability at the heart.


Safety and health lies at the heart of Bababou – after all the staff behind Bababou are not only designers, marketing, sales and administration staff; we are parents ourselves.





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